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Many times, we found ourselves just like the Israelites; murmuring, questioning, wondering, and even doubting what God was doing.Yes, we even found ourselves in the desert desperately needing a drink from the Rivers of Living Water. However, by faith we followed Him pressing through the wilderness as He led the way. The Lord promised us throughout our journey in the wilderness: “Though our beginning was small, yet our latter end should greatly increase.”  (Job 8:7)

I am so thankful to the Lord for our humble beginning twenty-two years ago as He has now brought it to an end. Our foundation is a solid foundation built upon our Savior Jesus Christ! Moreover, I am so excited to tell you that the Lord is now doing a ‘NEW’ thing! He is springing forth not only a ‘new birth’ in many areas of our ministry but also ‘new life’ within us allowing us to do an even greater work for Him.

Our latter season has now begun! We are so excited to have the privilege and honor of continuing to serve the Lord as He begins to build upon our foundation that He has laid for us. Together, by the Power of His Holy Spirit living in us, we will accomplish an even greater work in this latter season, “touching hearts and transforming lives for Jesus!”

Get ready for our ‘new’ journey ahead as we have claimed the land the Lord is leading us into. He has given it to us! Everything is becoming NEW!!! We are currently designing our ‘new’ website! Our ‘new’ Facebook page has already been launched! We are currently working on releasing information about our ‘new’ blog site. It is in these blogs that I will be writing messages from my heart to your heart. My prayer is that every message the Lord leads me to share with you will touch your heart in a very intimate way.

I look forward with great expectations to what our future holds as we begin this ‘new’ greater season of what the Lord is doing. Moreover,   I look forward to who holds our future in His Hands…our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Please feel free to email me anytime at  

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